"Ida", my 10ft o'keel Whilly Boat

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Cassy, Arcachon 2000

We thought of taking "Ida" to the Arcachon Basin, so off we went:- On arriving we had a bit of difficulty finding a camp site open during April, but eventually found the Roumingue at Langton.

We set up the camp site and found a small port at Cassy where we could launch the boat. The morning after we are amongst the plastic waiting for the tide. When there was enough water we rowed out into the basin, we could just see over the mud banks, but eventually there was plenty and the day was sunny bright and very calm so there wasn't much for the crew to do.

When we were back in the port we wandered around and saw a "Pinassote" moored in the port and a large local boat on the quay which was being cleaned. A little further away was an interesting three masted gig which we had to photograph.

That was about the limit of our stay around Cassy and Langton as a good downpour soaked everything and the tides ended up all wrong.     > Fouras