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Cerebère 2005

The idea was to go to Collioure, but when we got there it was heaving, so we carried on down the coast, where it was the same story at Banyuls. We decided to carry on and ended up at Cerebère and found a parking place so we could take a look around town.

We had noticed a camp site two kilometres before arriving, so we went back and booked in. As usual it was really windy, but we managed a walk around before night time.

The day after we found a nearby beach to launch from and had an hours row, but it was still far too windy. We walked to town and did some shopping and had lunch and when we got back the weather was much improved, so we relaunched and motored up and down the coast until the motor packed up. We therefore had to row back and decided that no-one was going to say anything about staying there for the night. The parking became our base.

The following day the wind was perfect, onshore and constant, so we were able to sail up and down the coast. We visited Banyuls and its boats, then Cerebère and did some shopping in both, mainly for flippers and goggles for diving around the interesting underwater coastline. A very pleasant and warm day. Since there was a restaurant on the beach, we had a great seafood meal for our last evening.

We broke camp the following day and took a very long drive back through the narrow secondary roads of the Pyrenées. A very pleasant holiday!    > Home