"Ida", my 10ft o'keel Whilly Boat

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Douarnenez 1998
"Ida" was made so I could have a free ticket ( + 1300 francs for materials !! ) to the 1998 Maritime Festival at Douarnenez. It was my second 'Festival', the first being 1988 with a 9ft "Seal".

We were with a friends and his sailing mates from a boat club based near Nantes and we spent a few evenings at a near by camp site where we prepared our boats ready for the show.

The first day we rowed round to the Port of Douarnenez and moored up in our predesignated places, then wandered around the site, boats and exhibits, very interesting.

Next day we were out sailing in the bay, and the weather was just right. There were loads of traditional boats milling about and our friends managed to get some great shots of "Ida" as well as some of the other well known sailing vessels.

I have to mention the crew who sat up front and everytime we went about had to pass the sail round the back of the mast, and who got sprayed the most when the going got rougher.

Another photo of "Ida" taken from our friends boat and one of Marie-Christine crewing.

"Ida" at rest in the port of Douarnenez, we're watching the activity all about before going back round to Treboule lock and having a row about looking at all the interesting boats moored up there.    > Arcachon