"Ida", my 10ft o'keel Whilly Boat

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Fouras 2001

Another camping expedition with "Ida", this time to La Fumée in the Charente, opposite to the Ile-d'Aix. We arrived in the afternoon to find a camp site right at the end of the narrow strip of land in the middle of a good blow. We put up camp and launched the boat for a half hour row, but it was a little too windy, so back to camp.

The following day was even windier, so we took the ferry to the Ile-d'Aix and had a wander around the old military fortifications. That evening we had a pleasant meal at the near by sea food restaurant.

Day three was ideal and we rowed, motored and sailed around the Ile-d'Aix and visited Fort Enet and Fort Boyard of French TV fame!

Day four we broke camp and came home, at least it hadn't rained!    > Cerebére