My old Landrover

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Well, I wanted a Landrover and as I didn't have much money I ended up with a wreck with a rotten chassis. I stripped it down to the last bolt and made a new chassis using bought in steel section. All the othe parts were cleaned and painted and reassembled. The result was quite a nice rag top short wheel base Landrover just in time for the snows.

But, one evening I met up with a flying Renault, which landed on my front wheel and broke everything in sight, my knee included.

When that had heeled enough to let me get at the repairs, I again stripped it down to the chassis, which I duly straightened using oak beams, pulleys, clamps, jacks and a bit of heat.

Luckily I recuperated the rest of an old longwheel base Landy, which came in very handy for the many spares needed

Once straight, I decided to convert it to a 3 litre V6 Ford engine, which was quite easy at that stage to put in. Next I decided to elongate the back by just over a foot by using the shortened long wheelbase Landy back. There we are then with a New, Blue, Quick, Medium wheelbase Landrover.

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