A Saltaire Skiff

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Once upon a time (1986) a friend and I were wandering around near the Saltaire Boathouse Restaurant, when we noticed that there were some old river skiffs quietly rotting away in a corner. So... We asked if we could buy a couple for restoring, and over a cup of tea we came to an agreement to buy two.

Of course we had to go home for money and a trailer, which was duly done. Oars were not included so we photographed one with a reference.

Repairs on mine were started by removing all the frames which were completely rotten, then replacing all the portions of rotten planking, not easy but done. The new frames were nailed in place, and the boat was now beginning to look like something!

A coat of varnish and a new pair of oars and the skiff was ready for the trailer.

Now down to the river and into the water, and... yes she floats and rows correctly, hooray.

A couple of photos of other skiffs that I have photographed:- > 1   > 2

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