In & around Sunderland Point

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Our (friends & I) first small boat outings took place from here and what an experience they were, with the water going past qucker than a galloping horse, and up and down quicker than a lift.
Lessons had to be learnt quickly and not forgotten or ignored because of the sometimes extreme conditions.
We didn't always come here boating, but sometimes for walking, especially in wild weather when there was noone else about, very exhilarating.
During the many visits I took a few photos of the old boats that interested me at the time:-

Low tide and the and the view of the river.
Sailing past "Peggy" the Pilot Boat at anchor.
The Pilot Punt.
Rowing out in the punt to "Peggy"
10ft "Seal" at hight tide.
And the "Seal" again at low tide. (See my seal)
The "whammel" boat LR53 and LR84
Around at Basil Point I found another with a house boat on the high tide line.
High tide over the road.

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